Monday, September 12, 2005

nevermind, random readers!

so just as i finished posting my blog i got a call from a woman at hanaro. i signed up for a package that includes a land line, and she said the technician would call me probably on wednesday to come and install internet, but warned me that he wouldn't be able to come if it was raining because of the risk of electric shock. so the pessimist in me didn't want to believe that i would soon have internet in my apartment because i was thinking of the million things that could go wrong: it would be raining, the guy wouldn't be able to find my apartment, or he'd come and find something wrong and say it wasn't possible to hook it up.

imagine my surprise when i got a call just an hour later from the company asking if tomorrow (tuesday) was ok, and we set an appointment for 10 am. the guy even showed up early! and i was worried that i was going to have to do some rearranging too because my table/desk is across the room from the cable outlet, but he brought a long cable and lined it along the floor to my desk, so no messy cables in the way and no need to move my table next to the tv. and the genius in me, when i got to choose my phone number, selected 4351 as the last four digits of my phone number because i figured it'd be easier for people back home to remember. ok, so i just want to say that i definitely recommend hanaro for anyone who may be considering getting internet, because they have really good customer service- quick and friendly, and the woman i spoke with spoke english really well. and i swear, they didn't even pay me to say that.

and now i have everything i wanted to feel fully settled. well, there's still the coffeemaker issue. i'll have to check out the prices, but i think that's gonna come from my next paycheck. in about a half hour i'm gonna go to woo cafe, the little restaurant behind my apt, and get some bibimbap because i haven't had that in a while. and i will take some pictures so you can see the wonderful sidedishes it comes with. i'll also take some pictures of the outside of my apt and get one of those triangle kimbaps that i'm so addicted to.

and what's the best part of having internet? actually being able to read options on different websites. because i was using korean computers, even if sites were in english, a lot of the time i couldn't figure out how to do certain things because some of the links or options were in korean. like on this site! i didn't know where the option was to edit posts, the only one i knew for sure was the view blog and publish post buttons just because i remembered where on the page they were located. and opening files won't be a problem anymore. god bless my good ol' mac.

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From the random Korean reader.

--> :D Sorry I didn't help you before, but I didn't read it until just now and I probably wouldn't have been much help anyway. I'm just a kid. And I live in America.