Wednesday, September 28, 2005

teacher, are you a drunk?

i really hate posting multiple times in one day, but i guess today is just an exception. seriously, sometimes these kids crack me up. before one of my classes started today, i was drinking from my water bottle. one of my students, maria, looked at my bottle and gestured like she wanted some. i said "what, you want some water?" and she nodded. i said "i can't give it to you, look at my nose, it is red," meaning that i have a cold and i shouldn't give her my water bottle. then she said "why, you drink wine?" i thought that was pretty funny, and i said "nooo, i am sick, i have a cold." and she said "no, it is soju." so i gave it to her to smell to prove it was not soju. of course she pretended it was the strongest stuff she'd ever smelled and said "teacher is drinking soju!" oh, i love the english skills of my students...

oh, and for some reason another student came into a different class with a bag of sweet potatoes. i asked why she had it and she said their korean teacher wanted her to bring it into class to share with everyone, including myself. none of the students were sure why either, but we snacked away on boiled sweet potatoes. yeah, it was nice, but still can't figure out why the teacher thought it was necessary that we eat sweet potatoes in class. whatever, i won't argue with free food.

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Silky said...

yay tanya still gets free food! even if she doesn't steal it from retreats!