Thursday, September 15, 2005

so politically incorrect

korea can be so un-pc sometimes. case in point: i watched a korean documentary the other night about a mentally disabled dance group in england, so of course everyone in the group speaks english. as if the idea of a mentally disabled dance group isn't funny enough, you have to throw in the factor that it was being aired on a channel for english viewers, so they had to redub everything in english. of course they couldn't just take away the korean dialogue to play the original tracks. the result was a korean man doing the english voice of an already english-speaking guy with down's. and he took it upon himself to make the poor guy sound as stupid as humanly possible, complete with "duh's" and all. he really sounded like a stupid cartoon character- think scooby-dum, scooby-doo's cousin. and how could this possibly get even funnier? koreans love their laugh tracks here, so they added some laughs when the guy said something especially stupid, and some ooo's when his girlfriend with down's (also an english-speaking korean character actor) showed up and said she liked him because he was hot and sexy (which i'm pretty sure she never originally said, but the koreans decided would be interesting to add). and to top it off was the big "finale" where they showed the dance they'd been working so hard on.

oh this was the most entertaining hour in my life, and i'm pretty sure i'm going to hell because of it.

at least i know my family is going with me. for those of you who don't know, my family and i email each other as a group. you know you come from a weird family when your mom signs her emails "mama mama big boobs" (something she used to run around the house saying when we were little), your sister signs off with "poop and pee, out to see, love me" and your aunt signs hers "whorebitch." and now you might understand why i'm so weird.

and you should have heard what my mom told me to tell yung su when he kept insisting on calling every day. let's see if i can find it... oh yes, here it is: ""hey you dumb bastard, I'm not interested in you, you smelly breathed d**k balls!"

lovely, isn't she?


Mommy said...


Why do you lie so? I would never say those things.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, sure you don't mom....we've got a whole laundry list on you!!!