Sunday, September 11, 2005

stupid no post blog

so i was feverishly typing my life story this morning to give an update, and i was literally finishing up the last paragraph when the stupid computer randomly turned off on me. and of course i don't really remember what i wrote because it's impossible to retrace my thoughts because they move a million miles a minute.

so i'll try to start anew. let's see. last night i did a whole lot of nothing. the pizza didn't happen and we ended up going to dunkin' donuts for dinner. on my way there i stopped at starbucks and got my first cup of korean starbucks coffee. i am so korean it hurts sometimes. but i will have you know this was the first day i've gone the western fast food way. because koreans only fill their cups of coffee halfway for some reason (most cafes and all coffee machines do this), i was pretty excited to get a full cup and ordered the largest size possible, which oddly enough is a 16 oz. grande. what happened to the good old 20 ouncer? and the verdict? tastes the same as it does in america, although i'm not really a fan of the starbucks coffee brand. but way too expensive- that grande cost me roughly $3.50. man, at borders you could get a 20 oz freeze for that price (minus the tax). so i won't be doing the starbucks thing regularly, but it'll be good once in a while when i'm craving a full cup. next paycheck i'm definitely buying a coffee maker, because these instant cappuccinos just aren't doing it for me anymore.

so i went to dunkin' donuts, all excited to get a bagel with cream cheese... of course they were out, so i settled for a croissant instead. the dinner of champions. then we rented the movie saw. i'd heard good things about it. it was definitely interesting and slightly disturbing. and mom and dad, part of the reason you thought i was drunk when you called was because i kept giggling at how long it took each of you to not only understand that the name of the movie was "saw", not that "i saw a movie," but also that you've both seen the movie, which apparently neither of you could really remember. but i can assure you that i did not consume a single alcoholic beverage yesterday.

we also did some window shopping and i checked out the digital cameras and found one that i wanted- which brings me to today. figuring it'd be better to go shopping today rather than go to a temple camera-less, i went out and purchased said camera. it's a samsung and was pretty decently priced, and i'm pretty excited to finally have a camera. i also went to elves, the store i like that has clothes for good prices. kind of makes me think of a hybrid of h&m and maybe deb or rave. but the clothes are cooler because they're asian. so i got a few shirts, the green bag i'd been dying to get, a wallet that fits korean money (no more rumpled bils from me!), 2 pairs of $2 earrings, and 2 barrettes. exciting, huh?

and i think the mystery of bus 102 has been solved. this is the bus that will bring me to donghak-sa, the temple i've been dying to go to, but i never understood where the bus stops were (as i've already said a million times). so i figured that i'd just take a taxi to the train station, where i know for sure has a bus stop there. but i was walking on the other side of the street across from my apartment today, which i never do because 1) i've never needed to and 2)there's too much traffic to just cross the street and walk on the other side just for the hell of it. but i did today because i thought i'd take a different route to carrefour, when, what to my wandering eyes should appear but a bus stop with the number 102 on the sign. i found a stop! right across the street from me! and what's even more bizarre is that when i was walking to elves i found yet another 102 bus stop. strange how things like that just kind of work themselves out. so next saturday i shall trek across the street and depart on bus 102 with new digital camera in hand, and all will be well (knock on wood).

came back after shopping kind of tired (i did a lot of walking) and watched some tv. one thing i love about tv here is you just never know what movie you'll be surprised with. i quite regularly enjoy classic american cinema- for example, today's lineup included encino man and i am not ashamed to say that i loved every second of it. brendan fraser really deserved an oscar for playing linkovich chomofsky. that scene at the museum where he having an emotional breakdown and is trying to start a fire... gets me every time. ok ok, i really watch it for pauly shore's rendition of "shoo fly." oh yeah, and i've already watched kindergarten cop not once, but twice here. except for some reason they call it "kindergarten man." ahh, classic arnold:

-stop whining! you are soft! you lack discipline!

-no more complaining. no more 'mr. kimble, I have to go the bathroom,' nothing! there is no bathroom!

arnold: i have a headache
kid: maybe it's a tumor
arnold: it's not a tumah

arnold: this is a feeerret
kids: what's a ferret?
arnold: this is a feeerret
kids: ohhhh

enough quoting.

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JC said...

So I'm a few days late catchin up on the posts. In fact, I would have felt no reason to comment...until I read the Detective John Kimball quotes. "I'm a cop, you idiot!!" Good times...remind me of college.