Wednesday, September 14, 2005

lunch time!

obviously my life revolves around food, because i am very inspired now to post pictures of food that i think will be interesting to you as a reader. and what could possibly be more interesting than the food i make? for today's lunch i went to king mart and picked up whatever interested me and returned home, and this is what i bought:

so starting from the left, we have onions, moving to the right at the top it's a bag of kimchi, below is rice, and at the bottom is tofu. further to the right is hot green peppers and below that is seaweed salad. then we have stacked on on top of each other 3 types of paste, which i absolutely love. the top green container is ssamjang (seasoned bean paste), the red one below that is gochujang (hot pepper paste), and the bottom brown one is doenjang (soy bean paste). the three came together for only 3,000 won. yum. moving right along, we have a wedge of cabbage in front of the assorted pastes and finally we have a 2 liter bottle of water and some mushrooms. these mushrooms are delicious, seriously, i've never had mushrooms so good.

anyways, i went to work, and this was the end result:

i had to put it on a plate because the bowl i have is too small for pretty much everything except cereal. the really dark stuff in the lower right side is kim (dried seaweed). to the left of the seaweed is kimchi, above that is a sauteed pepper and onion with tofu and mushrooms, and then on the other side is the seaweed salad. obviously i'm not an authentic korean because i didn't keep the salad and kimchi in separate sidedish bowls, but i like the taste when everything's mixed together. and i used the seasoned bean paste, which was really really good. yeah, i am a master chef because it was delicious, so why don't you all come visit me and i'll cook for you.

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