Wednesday, September 21, 2005

chunguk, i'm in chunguk...

so a few days ago i was introduced to the wondeful food chain called kimbap heaven, but if you want to get technical and read the actual korean words on the sign, it's kimbap chunguk. there's one near timeworld, but supposedly they're all over the city. yesterday i trekked out (ok, it's like a 5-10 minute walk) and picked up a roll for lunch, thinking "boy it would be nice if i could find a kimbap place closer to my apartment."

2 great finds today! first, i wanted to go to lunch and decided to try this really small place behind my apartment. walked in and the first thing i saw was a man sitting at the kimbap counter, making those magnificant little rolls. yes, now i can get kimbap quickly! anyway, i ordered my bibimbap, and looked at the menu on the wall. maybe some day i'll be able to understand what the items are- i could pick out bibimbap, dolsot bibimbap, and a few more rice dishes, but that was about it. i looked at the price for bibimbap- only 3,000 won! and if you get it dolsot, it's only 500 more. that definitely beats the price i was paying at that restaurant next door.

wondering if this place had a name, i found the sign... kimbap nara. i figured it must be some sort of chain like kimbap heaven, turns out i was right- it translates into kimbap land. pretty cool i finally checked this place out and made the discovery, but too bad it took so long!

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