Saturday, September 17, 2005

my cup runneth over

went out with some random people last night, met even more random people. first stop was k.o.p, which is actually close to me so i was happy to be able to walk there. cover was 10,000 won, and they handed me a shot glass on my way in- unlimited shots of tequila- score! nothing says korea like shooting jose cuervo. maybe that explains why in the taxi on my way home the driver said "yeogi?" (here?) my brain wasn't quick enough to say "ne", and "si" was what ended up coming out. spanish is almost like korean, right?

i met a lot of foreigners, and i thought it was really random that one of the people i met was actually a guy i talked to at immigration a few weeks ago. small world. a group of us took a cab from k.o.p to j-rock, where the special was rum and coke for 3,000 won. are you kidding me? unlimited tequila AND cheap rum and coke all in one night in korea? they happen to be 2 of my 3 favorite kinds of liquor. i met some really cool people- turns out there are unsketchy foreigners here, which i was happy to discover. not all are overweight men in their mid-life crisis.

i danced quite a bit to some good ol' american songs, including "you shook me all night long," "paradise city", the grease remix, and "girls just wanna have fun" which, by the way, was kind of ironic because it was pretty much all girls dancing to that one (duh) and then there were some random korean men who just wanted to dance with the western girls, dancing to the side of us. but i guess they didn't understand the irony of the situation

so i was surprised when i looked at my watch and saw that it was after 5 am. granted, i didn't leave until 1:30 to actually go out, but time still flew, and i decided to call it a night. after some promises to and from people that we'll be calling each other, i got in a cab (which brings me to the "ne" vs "si" moment), stopped at 7-11 for my trusty triangle kimbap, got home and sent some emails ("hey family it's 5:30 and i just got home!!")

head off to bed at 6 am and unfortunately woke up at 10 for no particular reason, just couldn't sleep anymore. i really have to get used to sleeping in later, cause otherwise it's gonna kill me.

just got a call from alisun, a girl i met last night. apparently there's a group of people getting together for dinner, and then we're heading over to the 70s party at santa claus (another popular foreigner bar). not sure what i'm gonna wear. obviously i did some poor planning during my packing process, because i never stopped to consider that i might need clothes for a 70s party.

observation: it cracks me up how foreigners get around the city. it seems to be that they give locations by western food places. for example, as i was planning to meet chris (a person i didn't even know but johnny gave my number to so we could get together) at k.o.p, he gave me directions, saying it was close to the mcdonalds, starbucks, and dunkin' donuts. and this is the typical conversation i had last night with people (it happened more times than i can count):

foreigner: so, where do you work?
me: dunsan tower
foreigner: where is that?
me: you know where the subway is?
foreigner: yeah!!
me: i work in that building
foreigner: ohhh, i go there all the time, it must be nice to be so close to it!
me: i actually have yet to eat there.
foreigner: oh that'll change, soon you're going to be CRAVING western food.

we shall see.

oy i need a nap.

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