Tuesday, September 13, 2005

nothing else to do but post

i forgot to even mention my lunch experience today, i was concentrating too much on putting up the pics.

so i walk to little woo cafe, and my first thought is it looks different, even though it's the same. different sign, different decorations. they have an actual hostess now as opposed to just a waitress. and i simply said bibimbap and she started rambling in korean. of course i still can't understand anything, so i basically sounded like a broken record, repeating bibimbap. she pointed to the menu on the wall, i tried saying i can't speak korean, and it ended with her kind of nodding and walking off. she understood what i wanted, but from the looks of it, it's not an option on the menu. because it's a staple meal, i wasn't too worried about getting the wrong thing.

so whatever i got must have been some sort of variation of bibimbap, and it was served dolsot (in a hot stone bowl). it must have been a lunch special, because it looked like that's what everyone was getting.

by this point i figured the restaurant was under new management- new menu, new prices. i was a little upset to find that the bill was 5,000 won... i'd been getting my meals there for 3,400, so that kind of sucked. but they did give me a travel mug as i was leaving, and it has a sticker on it that says "grand open," so maybe it was a little worth it.

anyway, this is my apartment from the outside. i live on the 7th floor, but i think in the picture it's the 5th window up, 2nd from the left.

and outback is right next door!

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