Friday, September 16, 2005

my family, ladies and gentlemen

i know i already mentioned how weird my family was, but i have the feeling i'm going to be continuing to do so for a long time now that i actually have the chance to document the proof.

exhibit a: in a recent family email, my sister was talking about how she'll be able to afford a plane ticket to come visit me. "Still not quite sure how I'm going to swing the plane ticket, but I'll find a way. Not sure if a corner in Big Flats would be lucrative enough, may have to go to Horseheads or Elmira. OH, or Corning, I could just hang out after work."

still not proof?

exhibit b: my mother's response: "Celeste, Maybe a mother-daughter team thing. Come and visit and we can go to Schenectady. We could do a killer business!"

and i shall end with some food for thought, brought to you in an email from my uncle:

changes made by the new german pope

it might bring mass attendance up... but schlitz?? where's the heineken? guess it'll only be brought out for christmas, easter, and of course first communion.


Mom said...

I can assure all of you reading this. We do have normal moments in this family.

We're acutally good Catholics. We go and work on retreats and everything. We just have an "off" sense of humor. Keeps smiles on our faces.

tanya said...

mom, you don't have to lie to people just so they don't think bad thoughts about us.

Mom said...

I'm a good Catholic, I don't lie. We're just, ----------ummmm, colorful! In, ummm, a good way!

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