Monday, August 29, 2005

weekend update: part 2

so it's monday at 3:30 in the afternoon and i teach in about 2 hours and i have 9 minutes left at the computer.

this weekend was definitely interesting. saturday night johnny and i went out to old downtown, which is basically a bunch of bars and shops and small streets, and pretty crowded at night. we went to 2 bars- cool bar, where there was a jazz band playing, and j-rock. it was ok, good to see what the nightlife was like, but it's definitely a popular place with foreigners, who i didn't realize were so sketchy. i saw a lot of older foreign men, and definitely got the stereotype stuck in my head that most of these men come over for a mail-order bride, minus the mail-order part. they want to land a pretty korean girl, and most can because these pretty korean girls love the idea of america. and i saw some frumpy women who reminded me of 30 year olds who still hang out at johnny-k's. they were tearing up the dance floor and by tearing up i mean making complete fools of themselves. but it was a pretty good night. old downtown is definitely further away than i expected it to be.

last night i went out with some korean teachers. that was pretty interesting and a bit awkward at first because i heard that one of the math teachers likes me, and i definitely felt like i was being set up. we actually split up on our way to the restaurant/bar- i rode in his car and johnny and the other girl took a taxi. this guy drove like a maniac and actually hit a car that was pulled over. somehow no damage was done (and it made a really loud bang too), and we continued to go to the bar. we got there, they only had a sausage dish and i don't eat sausage, so we went to another place (i felt bad about that one). so we were eating at another restaurant and i was given what was thought to be raw fish, and as i was eating it it had a really weird texture. then the math teacher saw me and said "ohhh" and i had to spit it out into a napkin. turned out to be pressed pig parts- intestines and brains or something. i was surprised by how well i handled that one.

another math teacher showed up, who was quite funny, and we went to another restaurant/bar. it was a bier garten where there are cupholders in the tables that frost over and keep your beer cold. pretty neat. crap, out of time, i have to post this and finish later.

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